Thursday, October 09, 2008


Last night I went to a fireside where Elder Ballard, Elder Cook and Elder Clayton - It was GREAT! They encouraged us to do ALL that we can over the next couple of weeks to get the word out to VOTE YES on PROP 8 - I will be blogging my little heart out about this over the next couple of weeks, but we're going to need EVERYONE'S help to get this proposition to pass.

The First Presidency said in June: "We ask that you do all you can to support the proposed constitutional amendment by donating of your means and time to assure that marriage in California is legally defined as being between a man and a woman. Our best efforts are required to preserve the sacred institution of marriage. " The Prophet of these Latter-days has asked us to do everything we can to make sure that marriage is preserved. Let us do as the primary song says and "Follow the Prophet, Follow the Prophet - He KNOWS the WAY!"

So think of this as a tag - Everyone who lives in CA - you know what to do! On November 4 - VOTE YES on PROP 8! ALSO - Contact and find out what you can do to help or there should be someone in your ward assigned to this task.

Now - To my outside of CA friends - Ashely Braun, Ashley Veater, Heidi, Arica, Adrienne, Becky, Bianca, Chris, Jill, Ciera, Tati, MATT OLSEN, Jessica, Kelly, Brooke and the wonderful Peterson Family - (I think that's all of you) - PLEASE, if you haven't do so already, contact any of your friend and family and encourage them to VOTE YES on PROP 8 - This can be REALLY EASILY done - If your like me and hate the phone, then a simple email or text message will be great! Here are some websites to look at and encourage other to go to - and as always - come to me with any questions or concerns!


Kevin said...

You have a cute kid, and seemingly good lives. What do you lose by allowing other people to pursue a similar course? It's important to consider the feelings of others and allow them to be happy, as well. Limiting marriage is not kind.

Prop 8 is a form of legalized discrimination. I fail to see how passing prop 8 will do anything to better your lives. In what ways do you personally benefit from a gay couple with whom you do not personally associate with not being permitted to marry?

Tom States said...

Proposition 8 will not hurt gays.
In California, the law provides for marriage-related benefits to be given to civil unions and domestic partnerships. Proposition 8 does not diminish these benefits.

Having tolerance without condoning.
We can love someone while still maintaining and advocating our standards and beliefs.

Unless Proposition 8 passes, California society will soon undergo a profound change in its basic understanding of marriage and family life.
That will affect everyone in numerous ways. Over time, greater acceptance of nontraditional marriage will be demanded of all people. This could impact the ability of any religion to teach and practice its beliefs.

Failure to pass Proposition 8 will hurt children.
If gay marriage remains legal, public schools will put it on equal footing with traditional marriage. Children will likely receive “age appropriate” information about sexual relations within heterosexual and homosexual marriages.

Failure to pass Proposition 8 will hurt churches.
The court’s decision will inevitably lead to conflicts with religious liberty and free speech rights. Society will become more and more hostile to traditional beliefs about marriage and family.

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