Sunday, July 06, 2008


Today is my niece Olivia's 1st birthday! I'm so glad that she and Ryan are so close together!!! They are the cutest babies and have fun playing with each other. Yesterday was Olivia's birthday party and it was so much fun! Probably the biggest hit was Olivia's new "ball Pool" - I could not get Ryan out of it and once I did he would want right back in! The best part is that it is great for little kids and big kids!!!
It was a really fun party - with good food and Olivia got a lot of really cute clothes and toys :) I love my cute little neice!


THE YOUNGS said...

so fun! your boy is the cutest thing since who knows when. i just want to snuggle him!

Ashley said...

That ball pool is SO awesome! Looks like tons of fun!