Thursday, July 17, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Top 10

Cat Deely must have been drunk last night because she was even more annoying and asked even stupider questions. So the conclusion that I came up with is that she is either retarded or she was drunk. Last night's show left me very disappointed from the beginning! First of all, I was totally looking forward to Jessica being voted off tonight and now I don't get to see that because of her stupid injury!!! And it must not be that bad if she can go on the stage is super high heels and a super tight and not to mention short dress... skank!

Let me give you a little history of the show... In Season one they had the dancers trade/switch partners EVERY week from week one - this resulted in a lack of chemistry. The top 2 dancers that season were dancers who strangely enough danced with each other almost every week and were able to develop that chemistry needed. That is the problem I had with last night's show - there was a total lack of chemistry with the couples. Even some of my most favorite dancers couldn't pull it off.

There were some things I was happy with - Will getting Katie as a partner was awesome and he danced with his shirt off. Although I don't think I want him in the top 4... Haven't made up my mind yet. I do want Joshua in the top 4 - he is fantastic! LOVE HIM! I also love Twitch and Mark... So very very hard to decide! I do know that the top 2 girls should be Katie and Chelsea Hightower! Anyway - I did enjoy Twitch and Comfort's Hip Hop and Will and Katie's weird name dance so enjoy the videos :)

By the way - way to go David Archtuleta!


Ashley said...

I loved those two dances too! Will and Katie were incredible together. I also loved the rumba danced by Joshua and Courtney too, those were my three favorite dances. The worst couple of the night were Kherrington and Mark in my opinion, but I'd still rather see Comfort go home (again!) even though I liked her hip hop dance.

adrienne said...

I love Chelsea and Mark and hope to see them in the finale along with Katee and Will. I totally agree with Jessica and it should of been her that got voted off...not Kherington. Ted and I think Cat Deely is funny. Us blondes have to stick together-right? I really think Ted has a crush on her-hee!