Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Week without Ben: Day 2 con't

Ryan and I went to Shane, Melinda and Olivia's house last night to hang out and we had a great time!!! Took some funny photos with my cell phone that I thought y'all might enjoy :)Ryan had a Butterfingers wrapper in his mouth and this kept him entertained for about an hour - NO JOKE :)This is what happens when Olivia goes to bed. He gets bows and/or headbands put on :)I also turned Ry's car seat around today to the forward facing position and he actually really liked it - The only problem is now he can see when I'm eating something while driving and wants to eat whatever I'm eating :)And this one I just thought was cute... SO I posted it :)


The Thorsons said...

Ever since I turned Mia's car seat around, she does the same thing! If I don't have something like french fries, that I can just hand to her, I try ti hide it. It's hard and rarely works.