Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Return wtih Honor

So Ben and I had a kind of crappy day yesterday... It was Monday - enough said :) And because of the crappiness of the day I didn't want to cook so off to the best restaurant in San Marcos - Acapulco! It was yummy! After dinner we decided to rent a movie - which turned into 3 movie rentals. We rented Return with Honor (a Mormon flick), Definitely Maybe and Be Kind Rewind. We got home kind of late so we decided to watch Return with Honor... Let me tell you a bit about it first... It's about a RM who dies on his cab ride home from the airport... The good Lord then tells him that he has 60 days to live and "Save" his mother (a non-member). Well the main Character - the RM - whose name I never quite caught is the most arrogant guy I've EVER heard - he was super "holier than Thou" and just judged people left and right. Long story short the movie was about the WORST I've ever seen! The only redeeming character was a tattooed/pierce/soft spoken guy named Corbin. The acting was BAD and the story was even WORSE! DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE - unless of course you WANT to waste 2 hours of your precious time :)