Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More of Ryan's Birthday!

Ryan turned one a week ago today! CRAZY! I, of course, took the day off and took my boy SHOPPING!!! He loved it - as all boys do :)

We went to lunch at Sammy's and saw Aunt Christy :) We had a good lunch where Ryan tried coloring for the first time and enjoyed himself!
Lunch was fantastic and I highly recommend Sammy's to EVERYONE! After we ate our lunch Ryan got a free messy sundae for his birthday - the dessert was about as big as he is! VERY YUMMY!
Then of course, Ben and I took Ryan to Chuck E Cheese's for dinner. Here is a picture of Ryan on that Truck he loved to ride...
He really liked the slide too, but much preferred to try to go UP the slide rather than to go down the slide.
Had a little bit of a hard time getting up the slide so Daddy helped him out just a bit.
Played some more games and went home...It was a great day for me - so I hope Ryan had a good 1st birthday! It's really crazy to think that he is already ONE! I just can't believe how fast time flies!


Ashley said...

That truck was also Mason's favorite at Chuck E Cheese's! What is Sammy's? That dessert looks AMAZING!

Tiffany said...

What a fun birthday!! Lucky little Ryan!

Gma Cheryl said...

Great pics of Ry and his mom at lunch. Who took them? Oh yeah, GRANDMA was there too!