Thursday, July 03, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Top 14

Oh my word - I love this show - I couldn't pick just one video this week because I have 3 favorite couples so enjoy!

Kherrington and Twitch

Joshua and Katee

Mark and Chelsea


Ashley said...

YES these are our favorite 3 also!!!

Ashley said...

I couldn't erase this week's show off my DVR because there were SO many great routines this week and I just want to keep watching them over and over! I agree with you about the top 3 routines, I loved all of those and watched them twice each already. Mia Michaels really did an amazing job last night!

Kings said...

ok, that is so funny you mentioned something about that. They came to our house, and we paid them for the flags, and they never came...this is the last holiday and i was going to see if they set one up tomorrow, but i'm sure they won't...i was really sad :( i wanted to have a flag in my yard.