Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tagged by Tiffany... and I LOVE tags!!! :)

Attached or single? hmmm... I supposed I'm attached :)
Best friend? Ben of course and then Ashley
Cake or pie? Cake
Day of choice? Probably Friday and Saturdays if Ben has it off
Favorite color? I'm really into floral colors right now...
Gummy bears or worms? I got worms... that's what we're going to call it
Hometown? Tracy, Ca and San Marcos, CA
Ideal vacation? New York City Baby or of course Hawaii
January or July? I actually like both - I like January because work is a bit slow and I get more time with Ben, but I love the summer - especially July because of the 4th and the 9th (Ryan's birthday)
Marriage date? October 15, 2005
Number of siblings? 2
Oranges or apples? Apple
Phobias? Spiders and Snakes and Heights
Quote? "If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends" Spice Girls are so philosophical - that's for you Melissa
Reasons to smile? My baby boy, my Husizzell, summertime, and SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE :)
Season of choice? Fall
Tag three people: Ashley Mathie...errr Braun - whoa totally slip, Christy LaLanne, and Melissa Cobas - Melinda Hoy too - I know it only said 3 but I am going to break the rules and tag 4!
Unknown fact about me: I cussed at my neighbor last night... and I feel REALLY BAD ABOUT IT!!!
Vegetable? Corn - especially when Ben BBQ's it - YUM
Worst habit? I'm a nail bitter - my nail beds suck!
X-ray or ultrasounds? Ultrasounds - DUH
Your favorite food? Probably Mexican food, but it just depends... I really am not racist - I like all kinds of food
Zodiac sign? Taurus - Go BULLS


Ashley said...

That's a fun tag. I'm supposed to do that one too, since Tiffany tagged me. Fall is my favorite season too!

Tiffany said...

Awesome! That just means that I am going to have to tag you more!