Thursday, July 31, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Top 6

Last night's show was GREAT! I love EVERY SINGLE DANCE! It was a super big night - I mean even Paula Abdul was there :) Cat Deely's shoes were totally ugly and I LOVE Adam Shankman! He is great - Cat is not... I couldn't find videos with just the dancing - so these have the beginning interviews which are good, but can be skipped if you want.

Here is Twitch and Chelsie - FANTASTIC - It's only 2 minutes long so watch it all :)

A Jazz route with Marc and Courtney

By far the best couple was Joshua and Katee - one of them will win it - you just wait and see :)

This one is a little longer, but just skip to the dancing! IT'S SO WORTH IT I PROMISE!

Ryan really liked the Paso Doble music :)


Ashley said...

Yeah, that was such an awesome show! I love Adam Shankman too, he always has great comments and he's so funny too. And I hated Cat's shoes!
I totally agree that Joshua or Katee will be the ultimate winner. My money would be on Joshua if I had to pick just one of them.